Matt Pritchard’s Dirty Vegan – FAQs


Where can I watch the first series of the BBC’s Dirty Vegan?
Definitely our most frequently asked FAQ! Sadly the series is no longer on BBC iPlayer but it may be available later this year. We know you are hungry for it – watch this space!


How can I stay up to date with what’s happening with Matt and Dirty Vegan?
Sign up to our email newsletter! This will keep you informed with fresh new vegan recipes, plant-based talks, events and news about new TV series and books, and of course everything that Matt is up to (or shouldn’t be up to).


Where can I see Matt doing a cookery demo or talk?
Head over to our Facebook page – Matt is booked at lots of locations across the country throughout the year so he should be near everyone at some point. He likes to get around. Bon Voyage!


Where can I buy Matt’s cook book?
All good book shops and probably not so good ones too! Of course it is also available online through Amazon and Waterstones.


Can I get a signed copy of Matt’s cook book?
Yes – we can organise this with a bespoke message (and a possible rude sketch or naughty limerick) for plus P&P. Please email


Can Matt come and talk at our festival/shop/event?
Maybe! Matt’s diary is very full for 2019 already but it’s absolutely worth getting in touch to find out. There’s nothing he loves more than getting out there with people that love plant-based cooking/rolling around in kale/making vegetable-based innuendos as much as he does. Please email


Is there going to be another series of Dirty Vegan?
Probably! Why don’t you tweet the BBC to let them know just how much you want it! Sign up to our email newsletter to know all the news.


Can I use Dirty Vegan recipes on my website/blog?
We’re sorry, but we can’t allow this as a rule as they have been crafted with rebellious love and care so we can’t just give them away. If you have a PR enquiry however, please email


Help! I need some Dirty Vegan merch!
It’s on its way! Watch this space. Better still, sign up to our email newsletter so you know as soon as it has landed.


Does Matt really like tomatoes that much?
Yes. From his head to-his-toes. Oh wait, that didn’t work.