What is Dirty Vegan?

What is the story behind Matt Prichard’s Dirty Vegan?

Matt Pritchard’s Dirty Vegan is a brand turning preconceptions of plant-based diets upside down. Forget bland and boring grub that gives you FOMO, this is colourful, flavourful vegan food for everyone, from families to fitness fanatics. Forget self-denial and food martyrdom, this is an explosion of positivity and energy, the joy of truly great food, centred around Matt’s own extraordinary personality.

It’s been well documented that eating less meat is the biggest single way we can help the planet, and Matt Pritchard’s Dirty Vegan is here to make exploring meat and dairy-free food easy. Whether you want to eat a couple of vegan meals a week or are going totally plant-based, this is a celebration of food that is conscientiously chosen, but consumed with an anarchic edge!

Explore our recipes, discover more about our TV series and cook book, and inject a bit of Dirty Vegan into your life!